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Mizuna Mustard Greens Heirloom Seeds - Fresh Salad, Microgreens, Open Pollinated, Non-GMO

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Mizuna is a hardy Japanese mustard (Brassica rapa) variety that boasts succulent, feathery leaves with a mild spiciness. This variety is extremely vigorous and cold-hardy, making it ideal for salads and braising mixes. It is also very slow to bolt, so you can expect to harvest in as little as 3 weeks. The cut-and-come-again method of harvesting allows the top leaves to be harvested above the base while quickly regrowing for a continuous harvest cycle.

About Our Seeds:
  • Our seeds are non-GMO, open-pollinated, and untreated (free from fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, etc.)
  • We regularly test our seeds to ensure they meet the highest germination standards.
  • We provide full, detailed growing instructions for all our seeds.
  • Our seeds are professionally packed in eco-friendly resealable packets made from recycled materials and printed with vegetable-based ink, without the use of plastic ziploc bags.
Package Quantity:
  • .75g (Min. ~200 Seeds)
Interesting Facts:
  • This green has antioxidant qualities, as it is a cruciferous vegetable in the brassica family. Mizuna is an excellent source of Vitamins A, C, and K-1, fiber, as well as numerous minerals. It is very versatile in the kitchen. Mizuna has a mild mustardy peppery flavor.