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The Divine Bonsai Lotus Bowl

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Elevate your living space with this exquisite arrangement of mixed lotus flowers, artfully presented in a beautifully decorated ceramic bowl. These lifelike, vibrant blooms add a touch of serenity and elegance to any setting, making them perfect for both home and office decor.

Express your spiritual self by growing this premium bonsai lotus at home or in your office. The Real Bowl Lotus Flower Seeds - Bonsai Set allows you to cultivate your own lotus flowers indoors. Growing lotus flowers in your home or office brings peace and positivity to you and your family.

Symbol of Peace & Eternity

The lotus flower symbolizes peace and eternity, often depicted beneath the feet of deities. Its purity stems from its unique growth habit: rooting in mud and pushing up through the water to bloom beautifully.

GORGEOUS FLOWER - The lotus flower's unique life cycle sets it apart from other blooms. Starting as a bud underwater, it eventually rises from the muddy depths, demonstrating its remarkable resilience by thriving in even the most challenging environments.


The hibernation-free nature of lotus seeds allows for year-round sowing, regardless of the season, as long as they receive adequate water and sunlight.


Seed treatment: The lotus seed shell is tough and compact, requiring manual scraping before soaking. It's essential to handle the seed with care to avoid damaging the embryo.



  • Seeds: Lotus Flowers 10~200 Pcs
  • 1 set of Premium Bonsai Lotus Flower Seeds